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First home buyer savings at euca

If you’re in the property market to buy your first home, euca townhomes are now even more affordable. The South Australian Government’s offering a range of first home owner incentives that can potentially save you thousands. Here’s how you can take advantage of these benefits and own your first residential property in Australia.

What support is available for first home buyers in South Australia?

The state government’s making it easier for you to own your first home at euca with these incentives:

First Home Owner Grant

You can save up to $15,000 on townhomes at euca with a First Home Owner Grant. You can get the grant if you’re purchasing a new home worth up to $650,000 and plan to live in it.

Stamp duty exemptions

Stamp duty is the tax you pay to the state government when you purchase a property. The government’s scrapped stamp duty for new homes valued up to $650,000. Abolishing stamp duty means you won’t have to pay this tax at settlement. You’ll pay stamp duty at a reduced rate if you’re buying a new home valued between $650,000 and $700,000.

Who’s eligible for first home buyer support?

Are you 18 or older and an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen with a Special Category Visa? If you answered yes, you may be eligible for both the First Home Owner Grant and the stamp duty concession.

Your eligibility also depends on whether:

  • you’ve bought a home or received any first home owner grants before. 
  • you’re married or in a de facto relationship. You may not be eligible if your partner has bought property or received a first home owner grant in the past.

How do I apply for support?

If you qualify for the First Home Owner Grant, you will likely be eligible for the stamp duty concession as well. You can’t apply for both incentives in one application. You’ll need to apply separately for the grant and the stamp duty exemption. Our friendly Sales Agent Mark Robins can guide you through the process to secure your first townhome at euca.

In Summary

It’s a great time to be a first home buyer in South Australia and break into the property market. By taking advantage of these grants and incentives, you can save money and reduce your home loan. Are you interested in learning more about the government support available so you can buy your first townhome at euca?

Enquire now or contact Sales Agent Mark Robins on 0421 566 614 or email [email protected]